I went to the dentist today. I hated it. I was about as excited as a child who had just let go of their helium filled balloon. Outside.

I hate pain. And blood. And that scratchy, metal against metal sensation when those bloody sharp tools scrape life away from your tooth. I mean gunk. Like scraping a fork against a plate. Like running your nails down a blackboard. Audio sounds that make my toes curl. I know they make my toes curl. The Hygienist said so. Because my toes were curling.

Today was one of those appointments that I booked six months ago after my first ever experience with a Hygienist. I’m not sure why I booked it. Especially as I had just walked out of one! I think I felt that six months was so far away, it didn’t feel as painful to make the booking then. Plus it gave me some sort of thrill – that I was actually looking after myself, voluntarily. “Oh I’ll get in before you decay my little pretty pearl of a tooth, just watch me!”

Fast forward six months and suddenly, it’s today. And I’m not feeling that same thrill. In fact, I’m feeling more queasy, weak and I’ll say it, a tad sooky. WHO GETS THEIR TEETH SCRAPED VOLUNTARILY?!?

Apparently, I do. Because 1) I survived and 2) I rebooked for another six month clean AND this time, a Dentist check-up as well.

Good lawd. Who am I?!

So, whilst curling my toes and clenching my fists while simultaneously attempting to meditate under the scrapey-scrape and sucking sounds of the Hygienist’s tools of torture…..(I meant to say well-being there, but it was too hard to formulate the sentiment) I did have time to think. Amongst my thinking, which included, “Take me anywhere but here” as well as words that when stuck together, would be just as colourful as a post rain-shower rainbow (it’s ok, she said I could), I did acknowledge that this pain and discomfort was good for me. Sadist.

By doing these torture well-being check-ups, I am increasing the probability of keeping my teeth for longer, of having a healthy mouth and even dazzling the unsuspecting with one mammoth, joker style smile. Creepy/Dazzling. It’s all perceptions. And by committing to future appointments, I am remaining committed to myself and my health.


In conversation between drills and spitting, the Hygienist and I commented on how fast six months has gone and how fast the next six are likely to go. “That’s why future bookings are great to make,” she said. “Otherwise, too much time goes by, you get your reminder notice but are still less likely to act on it right then.” It all gets put in the too hard basket. Which could mean more pain as, by ignoring the health check, you potentially miss something that might be brewing. (I always picture little monsters breeding……….less confronting.)

The same happens in Love Relationships. Life happens, people are busy, you know you probably should be spending some time together (being in this relationship thing and all that) but it gets put off and put off and then before you realise, a month has passed, then six, then a whole year. It’s all put in the too hard basket. Then you ponder why you don’t feel connected and wonder where that sparkle has disappeared to.


Time with each other is ridiculously important! Like, ridiculously! With the busyness and demands of life and everything that’s in it, your Love Relationship needs the attention!

Grab your diaries, make a date! A 5 minute natter and cuddle here, a 20 minute coffee there. A lunch date, a dinner date……and yes, I’m going to say it, a sexy time date. *massive wink* Because, if you haven’t noticed it for a while, you’re in a Love Relationship. Love Relationships have Sexy-Time. Love Relationships NEED Sexy-Time (and that’s a whole separate post in itself)

Plan it. Commit to it. Make it happen.

Your Love Relationship Health will thank you for it!


Ju x