While supposedly cleaning her room this afternoon, my youngest mini was practising her Christmas Carols for her school choir. I really love singing as well and secretly adore¬†how much my minis seem to enjoy it as well…….so I took my opportunity, sat on her bed and then asked if she’d mind if I sang along. After a few rounds I then asked if I could record it (I believe her reply was, “Of course mum!” *bless*) ………and now I want to share it with you because a) I am one freaking proud mama and b) her voice is so precious and sweet and I am crazy grateful for the technamalogical devices that allow me to capture this sweetness for eternity.

So although no real point to this post, apart from a mini HunBal brag, I hope you enjoy it as well! Bring on the musicals!! *happy dance!*

Ju x