A Child's Mind

See that photo up there? That’s what I found on our whiteboard this morning.

*cue sniffles and a bursting heart*

I’ll be honest – I don’t always feel like I’m quite hitting the parenting nail on the head……….in fact, there are times/days when I would place my self in the “Epic Fail” category, only to whip and chastise myself heavily later on. Usually when the children are in bed, sound asleep, looking most angelic and sweet and peaceful and simply…..perfectly innocent.

So. I walk into my work space this morning and find the most heartfelt, innocent, encouraging and uplifting writing. From a child. A child who is yet to hit double digits. I believe there was a pool at my feet called, “Ju’s Heart”.

This moment made me reflect on those times that I do get so frustrated, impatient, busy……“Not now,” “Later,” “In a minute,” “Hang on,”………

I hesitated to write this post at first, as the fear of judgement on my parenting wofted across me but then I thought, “Meh!” as I considered how, in many conversations I’ve had with other parents, some who I personally consider simply fabulous and the “I want to be like them when I grow up” types, I remembered how we all shared our moments and then breathed a collective sigh of relief when we realised, “IT’S NOT JUST ME!!!” …….we might be parents, but we have that common denominator factor…..we’re all still human. Emotional beings all doing their very best with the precious unique lives that we’ve been blessed with.

Being a parent is full on! It often feels that as Mr HunBal and I adapt to and feel like we’ve worked out one phase, a new one begins and that fun, crazy, nutty, mind-bending roller coaster ride starts up all over again! Whilst we wouldn’t change it for the world……we just might seek reprieve from time to time *wink*

Which brings me to a very important point: Consistency in parenting is KEY, for everyone! If you and your partner can parent consistently from the same page……you’re already winning! When your minis see unity in your parenting, they experience not just how a Team works but they are offered a sense of security and stability, two key points that are so important and soooo crazy good for their impressionable and precious little hearts and minds.

I might not always hit the target on my parenting abilities but I love that I am not trying to do this parenting thing on my own! I absolutely love that Mr HunBal and I are constantly checking and talking to make sure we are on the same parenting page, heading in the same parenting direction. That there is no confusion for either us or our minis.

So as much as these little moments of discovery can yank at my heart strings, causing me to feel ‘blech’ for all the times I’ve booged up, they are also moments of encouragement when it seems that Mr HunBal and I are doing just fine……

So I want to encourage YOU too! Sweet cheeks, you are doing just fine! *hugs* Take a moment to check out those precious, healthy, growing, creative, thinking, chatterboxing, playful sweethearts of yours and see the fabulous thing you’re doing by being their parent *more hugs*


Much love,

Ju xx

p.s. and now I can show my mini that I followed her blogging suggestions, hehehe…..