Keep Your Head and Heart in the Right PlaceOH MY WORD……!!! …….which is kind of funny to say really, as words are the very thing that were eluding me. Which doesn’t really work when you’re away on a Writer’s Retreat. Such getaways demand words and lots of them. Inconvenient really.

I’ve literally sat back down after going for an aimless wander because I had hit a block of sorts. Word block, mind block, brain block….. I now believe that pulling a brain muscle is a really real thing.

Investing in yourself can feel hard and, let’s be honest, scary as having a clown walk into your room unannounced (because clowns announcing their arrivals are so much easier to handle…?) But something I’ve learnt (am constantly learning!) is that investing brings growth…and pain….and growth….

So, there I was, in full blown creative mode and then I felt it. My creative flow was quietly slipping through my fingers and this put my brain into a state of panic. “I can’t stop! I’ve invested into this weekend – I’ve invested into myself, I’ve left my family back in another state so that I could create my arse off and therefore, create Happily Unbalanced awesomeness!”

How to ensure a state of blockage…..PANIC! *cue pulled brain muscle*

As I’ve stepped along this whole self-awareness thing, there’s been some fabulous insights as well as some rather annoying revelations. Today was an annoying revelation. I love that I’ve had opportunities to invest into myself, into Happily Unbalanced. However, these investments have not come without their sense of, “Heck, is this going to work?? What if it doesn’t??”







Oh my…..word……the thought of how much ‘wasted’ money I would have spent unnecessarily and the pain I would’ve put my family through for no real reason gives me such a physical pain!!


Bless having the right people to talk to, to hash this stuff out with! I’ve been getting really real and honest with myself of late so feel incredibly grateful that there are now people in my world that I can be open and honest with too. Oh and bless my mentor for sending me on a random, aimless jaunt around the garden………this post is completely a result of her kicking me outside *chortle*


If your heart and head are in the right place, the rest will follow

~ Jo Johnson The Content Coach


Today was a great, albeit painful, moment.  But what if it DOES work??

Isn’t it better to try? To invest? In yourself, in your business….in your Love Relationship?

Isn’t it better to have tried and pivoted from one moment, sharpening the direction in which you really want to go with your Love Relationship, than to have never tried and never challenged those “What if” fears?

I know myself well enough to know that for now, this is a constant challenge but I also know……this Happily Unbalanced chicky is going to give it all she’s got!

What if I fall?But what if you fly?