Hi Ju here from happilyunbalanced.com

Do you feel like you’re always busy? In today’s video I want to talk to you about Good Busy vs Bad Busy.

Today it can feel like everyone’s busy. So Busy. Ugh! Busy, busy, busy, busy…..!

Now, I’m not saying that busy is a bad thing but busy can also be a non-productive thing. You can actually be busy just for the sake of being busy! *horrified gasp*

I know!

Then there’s my all time favourite…..Busy worn as a badge of honour. Love it!

Mr HunBal: Hey Ju! How was your day?

Ju: Oh my gosh! You have NO idea just how BUSY I’ve been! Like this morning I got up I like, put on a load of washing, I milked the cows, I got the kids up ready for school, I brushed their teeth, I did their hair, I drove them to school, I came home, I wrote a novella for my new novel and then Gerty called and she wanted me to check out the P & F decorations so I went and checked them out and I went, “No that’s not ok.” So I had to drive to Spotlight and I went and got some more at Spotlight…..

A GOOD BUSY is when a deliberate action creates momentum in the direction of your desired results. I’ll say that again. A GOOD BUSY is when a deliberate action creates momentum in the direction of your desired results. So that could be in any area of your life. From business to your love relationship.

A BAD BUSY is when you can find yourself going around the mulberry bush. So yes, there is technically motion but effectively, you’re not going anywhere. Except in circles.

….then Lulu texts and she goes, “Oh my gosh I don’t know what to wear!” So I had to go meet here at the dress shop and then she’s like trying on the dress and I’m like, “No that doesn’t look right.” Anyway, and then I’m like, “Oh my gosh! I haven’t done the grocery shopping!” So I rush and I went and did the grocery shopping. And then my other friend Betsy, she’s called and she’s like, “I’m in a crisis!” And so I’ve like gone to her and it was, because, you know, what cup of tea to have. So we tried to work out what cup of tea, you know, she was going to serve her mother-in-law and everything, so we’ve done that and then I had to go pick the kids up…….

See, I believe that life ISN’T meant to be all perfectly balanced and yes there will be times where it does need to tip in favour of a particular area in your life. It’s in these moments that busy is a seasonal thing. So, it has an end date.

Busy can actually be a negative force when it constantly moves you away from areas of importance, like your love relationship. Your love relationship, it’s not a set and forget and hope for the best, hope that it keeps going. Your love relationship actually needs and deserves regular attention. The wrong kind of busy? It can rob you and your love from putting in that oh so important time and attention that your love relationship needs and deserves so that it can keep on blossoming and growing.

….and then the teacher was running late so I had to stand there in the sun melting, sweating, sweating, then the teacher finally let the kids out and then I had to get them home, I had to feed them, I had to read to them, I had to put them to bed. And then next thing I’m like, “Oh my gosh! I forgot to hang out the washing!” So I’ve put that washing in the dryer and then I’ve put out another load……

I have a question for you…..

When you find yourself not busy, what do you do?

Think about it……not busy…..what do we do….??

I ask because there is this sticky Venus fly trap of busy that is just dying to fill up your non-busy time, with more busy! So I want to encourage you, that when you do find yourself not busy, guard that time! Like guard it! Like with jealousy, that’s fit for lovers like Romeo and Juliet… Uhhh, just not with all the stabby-stabby, shooty, poison, death bit……Ok, I probably should’ve said Minnie and Micky Mouse. Minnie and Mickey Mouse! Happy happy, squeaky, happy Minnie and Mickey Mouse….

You get what I mean!

So, is busy bad? No. The right kinda busy is not bad. Be deliberate in your choice of busy actions……and then just don’t wear busy as a giant arsed badge of honour!

….and then my husband gets and home and he’s like, “Woman! What am I going to have for tea!?” And then I’m like, “Oh ma gahd!” And then I gave him a beer, you know, placated him,  and then I’m like, “I am so tired right now!” But then I thought, “Oh my gosh! I’ve got another book to write.” So I went and wrote another book and then I’m like, “Oh my gosh! I haven’t spoken to my audience yet!”

Thank you for joining me once again! I trust that you got something from today and perhaps you might just find yourself just that little bit less busy. I look forward to seeing you next time here at happilyunbalanced.com

…..oh my gosh and then I forgot to tell you that I made a croquembouche and then I washed the dog and then I ploughed the field and then I shoed the horse.

Yeah I reckon that was about it.

Busy Busy Busy