Sex vs Breakfast

I didn’t have to feel hungry this morning. I didn’t have to leave the house with an unresolved cup of tea craving. I could’ve gotten out of bed when my alarm went off. I really could have.

Well, I kinda did……

But then I realised I still had time. Like “time”. Even though the date reflected a certain incoming, I was still free from its clutches. For now…..and there was NO WAY, on this glorious day, that I would NOT be taking FULL advantage of this absolutely golden opportunity!

So I locked the bedroom door.

I chose Sex over Breakfast.

And a cup of tea. And a non-rushed morning.

But for the love of everything that is sexy!!!! I chose well my friends, I chose well. Kinda thinking that the Mr echoed my sentiments as well. Just a hunch…. *wink*

Routines. Schedules. Musts. Shoulds…….

When was the last time you said, “F#$k that!!”……and chose Sex over Breakfast???


Ju x