Communication More Than Talkedy Talk

“Communication is THE key to a successful relationship.”

How many times have you heard that?!?

….and whilst I am not pookaking all over it, I’m also saying that the word “Communication” encompasses so so SOOOO much more, that to think ALL you need to do is talk to have a successful Love Relationship is actually deluded…….



Because Communication is so much more than just the exchange of words.

For example:

Your child comes home from school with an issue that needs to be addressed. It could be a lack of understanding in a subject, it could be challenges with another student, with the environment….whatever. It could be any of those. So, you, the deeply caring and concerned parent, set up a time to “Communicate” your concerns with the child’s teacher.

Now, would going in and sitting with the teacher where just a heap of words were exchanged be enough for you? After the word exchange, would you leave feeling that a successful Communication session had just occurred?

Probably not, right?

Because Communication doesn’t end with just the exchange of words


Safety In The Exchanging Of Words

The chance to exchange words calmly, safely and clearly is just the beginning. It’s very hard to feel free to share a string of words if the other party is acting closed off, disinterested, annoyed, indicating a sense of inconvenience or offended by the fact that you’d even consider talking through whatever the situation might be! On the flip side, going in guns a’blazing isn’t the best idea either……so maybe think that through first *wink*


Hearing and Understanding

In the mutual, safe, sharing of words, a whole and complete understanding of a situation can be reached and now that the words have been exchanged, I bet that you’d be looking for your bag of words to not just be heard, but also understood, either from your take on the whole thing, or from your child’s feelings about the situation. You’d want (expect) the teacher to understand your point of view (and because you’re an awesome parent, you’ll award the teacher the same respect, yeah? Of course! *wink*)



Solutions don’t appear from a place of silence so after both sides of the desk have communicated with words, sharing and understanding all of the varied perspectives, a solution that is the best outcome for the child can be created (because awesome parents and teachers work together) Sometimes, involving the child in the solution is also a highly valuable action as it validates the child’s feelings and shows them that they too are a respected human, acknowledged and cared for.


Outcomes and Actions

But “Communication” hasn’t finished yet! Communicating doesn’t stop at just finding the solution. Communicating encompasses the outworking of and sticking to the solution. Accountability that, “this is what we agreed on remember?” and because all parties were there, no one is taken by surprise when someone reminds them of the agreement, perhaps sharing that someone is wandering a bit off course, away from the solution….


Communication is far more than just the exchange of words. Firstly, both sides have to commit to be fully present in the word exchange for there to be any chance of the Communication being more than just a word bath.

Mr HunBal and I have many levels of communication. Time, patience and practice has lead us to today, where we can communicate about anything and everything. And I mean everything! There is absolutely NOTHING that we don’t know about each other. Damn it! That man can even pick my impending period before me for goodness sakes!

Actually, rather a handy skill really………


“Communication is THE key to a successful relationship.”

…..WHEN you have all the other components in play!


How would you rate your Communication?


Ju x