I went to the gym today. Twice. The first time I was happy. The second time I was ticked.

Ever had those times where you want a certain outcome but you know that to have that outcome, you have to DO something, yet the DOING part seems so painful??

As part of his hip recovery, Mr HunBal needs to do some gentle physio each day, part of which includes gentle (static) bike riding. So today, the first day of physio, saw me lovingly drive my Love to the gym to supervise his physio. I even put my gym clothes on, you know, to look the part and settle the inner-Ju, who was being slightly narky, with her, “You know, YOU haven’t been to the gym in aaaages you know. YOU really should do something while you’re here.” But no. I was suuuuperrrrviiiisiiiing, like the loving wife that I am. By his side. Always. On the non-cross trainer side. But at least I was in my gym gear.

After the physio, it was then super important to get the man home to ice the hip (as per the physio’s instructions) so I couldn’t possibly stay on to do a workout, even though Mr HunBal suggested it. But how could he be thinking straight right now? He’s just had a hip operation!

You see the logic in all of this surely?

However! As soon as we made it home, it started. Mr Hunbal was throwing so much annoying logic at me that I could feel myself becoming more and more ticked at how much sense he was making and how much I didn’t want to see the sense in what he was saying.

“You’re dressed. I’m fine. I’m not going anywhere. You’re DRESSED. Why not just pop back? I’m fine. You’re IN-YOUR-GYM-GEAR-READY-TO-GO-ALREADY.”

In this moment, I was that child. The one on the floor, kicking and screaming because I didn’t want to do something. Well. In my head I was. On the outside, I think I had my resting bitch face on.

BUT I WENT. I think it took approx ten minutes of kicking my tukas on the cross trainer for the inner-Ju to finally get up from her epic tanty and simply accept that this was happening. As a mild disciplinary action for the bad behaviour, I added an extra weight to my lat exercises.

It was then in my cool down that I had the opportunity to reflect on the process it took to get me to the end of this particular workout and how now, I felt grateful, to myself, that I had pushed. Even if I was internally kicking, screaming and potentially mumbling sweary-type words.

I want a stronger body. I want muscles to be toned, I want my core to be strong and yet none of this will happen if I only think about what I need to do and not actually “Do the DOING” bit.

Then it hit me (the thought, not the weights)…..

How true is this of Love Relationships??

No one wants a bad relationship. No one goes into a relationship wanting it to be short lived and unfulfilled. Gosh no! I’d have to guess that a high percentage of those in a Love Relationship want it to be something that lasts forever and then not just last, but be so fulfilling as well!

Any Love Relationship can be stronger, deeper, scrumptiously gorgeous and forever and anyone can THINK that this is how they want their own Love Relationship to be. BUT! Thinking doesn’t make the Doing happen. Doing the DOING bit, that’s what makes it happen.

What does, “Do the DOING” bit look like?

  • DOING stuff together (phones down!)
  • Having chats. Having long chats.
  • Deliberately cuddle
  • Make each other a cuppa

…..and so much more…..!!

Thinking about how I want my body to be toned and strong is nice, but not effective at actually getting that strong and toned body. Likewise, wishing for a scrumptiously, gorgeous, forever Love Relationship is lovely, but wishing still doesn’t create results.

In a nutshell, you just have to Do the DOING Bit.

Ju x