There’s something that annoys the utter and absolute bahjeebies out of me! It’s when I’ve made plans to write all these amazing words of wonderful relationship encouragement, to make your heart soar and feel empowered and realise that a Scrumptiously, Gorgeous and Amazing Love Relationship IS in your reach, in your power…..and then I have an utterly shit moment with the Mr. Like, crap. Like…… And then…..? I feel like all my gushy-moosh-moosh words of the wonderfulness of relationships lose their stuffing…….*ugh*

It’s generally in these moments I have refused to type anything remotely relationshippy because (and I will admit to largely addressing the female folk here) when we have a bee (wasp) in our bonnet, and Aunty Flo has sent her “save the date” postcard……mole hills are no longer just sculptured into mountains. No. The entire Flinders Ranges is recreated, with a Mt Everest plonked right in the middle. For maximum effect. And you know that you know that you know that so much (b)s is about to hit the fan, they better wish to whatever being they wish to, that they have a HAZMAT suit on hand. Because good golly. They will need it.

This is why I (generally) don’t write in close proximity to a blechy-type moment. Or a period.

Except today.

I will be brutally honest with you: I hate that being in a relationship isn’t all giggles and moosh and love and hot sex and cheeky texts and snuggles and cuddles. I really do hate it when the Mr and I have crap communication. I hate it with a capital F! But would you believe it? That’s LIFE. Like, that is really real living stuff. Disagreements. Miscommunication. Accidental judgement. Frustration. Cheesed-offed-ness.  All of this can (and generally does) occur from time to time in any relationship. And really, in the grand scheme of things? I’ve learnt that it’s not something to get my knickers in a knot about. But for the love of……and I don’t know why……but occasionally, I still do *blushing ugh*

In the heat of the moment, you can forget that misunderstandings and angst do not signal that the sky is falling. It simply can mean that a tone was misheard, a meaning misunderstood, a frustration un-spoken…….

It simply means that two humans with two human wills and a freedom of choice (each) have just put their stubborn pants on…….

It can simply mean that, as the Mr and I like to refer to it, Maintenance Smurfs have taken up residence in the woman’s cervix and death be upon anyone who looks at her sideways for the next couple of days. Do not even breathe out of turn.

It can simply mean that there is a heap of busy going on and tiredness and sickness, all sprinkled with a smattering of stress-balls, so any word misspoken will not even be given a chance to defend itself before getting its syllables snapped off at the root.

It can simply mean that……there was a disconnect between what was meant and what was received.

The relationship is not over. The world has not ended. No one hates anyone. No one is a horrible piece of crapola…..




Quirky, loveable beings that get wires crossed and endure serious atomic attitudey wedgies. The growth comes from the uncrossing and the unpicking.

Which is why I’m looking forward to the Mr’s and my coffee time later……

….and there will probably be tweezers.


Ju x