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We’re the, “Fast Convenient Life Junkies.”



Whatever we can get on the run, at the click of our fingers, without delay……yesterday(!) …..that’s what we want. We want it now. Right now. This second. STAT!

Food, careers, general stuff, health, fitness, relationships……all of it, now please! And make it a double shot and the best value for the cheapest price.

That’d be stellar. Thanks.


How much is your Relationship worth to you?


Are you checking the back of your shopping dockets for “The next best deal in Love!” coupon?

Are you the, ‘take the easy option’ type of girl or “let’s do this and do this right!” type?

I mean, I’m not knocking the easy option………even I’m up for a bargain if it ever presented itself to me! Anything to make my life easier, more organised……*drools over organising systems*




My relationship is worth more than a coupon deal.

My love and connection with my Mr has greater value than settling for the “quick and easy” option.

I mean, I’m not knocking quick and easy……..that’s how I cook. All in one baby, all in one! *bless the slow cooker*

I’m saying that that thing that we actually, really want – like, when we really pick apart our deepest desires and wishes for what we really and truly want…….in health, in fitness, in Love…….quick options won’t cut it…….

  • Lose weight with one easy pill.
  • Get fit without even leaving your chair.
  • Find your soulmate with one easy quick survey.


Load of cock’n’bull.


Just sayin’…….


You see……..


Health and Fitness…….these are not designed to be considered things that are just ‘something for you to do to get ready for summer and/or fit into that stunning dress’. I’ll throw it out there……they actually, really would benefit you…….if they were a Lifestyle Choice, not just something you do for a mini goal and then go and smash the junk food afterwards.


Likewise, with Love.


Your Love Relationship……It’s not designed as something you can pick up and put down whenever you decide that it’s convenient for you. Relationships are not one of those, “Set and Forget with Just One Dose!” type of things.

Your Love Relationship, is a Lifestyle Choice.


A Daily Choice.


It’s in the practice of the daily actions that help nurture and create relationship depth, closeness, loved-up-ed-ness……..not a coupon 2-for-1 deal. Not a magic pill.


There are no shortcuts to a place worth going.


Ju x