Hello and Welcome! *waves*

Hello there! *waving madly*

It’s absolutely so lovely to see you! Here, let me share with you what Happily Unbalanced is all about…..*pats seat for you to sit on*

So, Mr Hunbal and I have been together for 18 years, celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary early in 2015. We regularly giggle at how kinda nuts it is that, just when we think we’ve reached the limit of our love, we fall even further into it, into each other!

Honestly, we wouldn’t swap “Us” for the world!

Our deep, connecting love for each other has not been a fluke. Don’t get me wrong! It has not been all tea and biccies, laughs and skipping through the dandelions. Yet through purposeful decisions and actions, we choose “Us” every time. We never want to stop with the whole growing thing of “Us.”

Both myself and Mr. Hunbal are of the mind,

“Why settle for Good, when a Scrumptiously, Gorgeous, Forever Love Relationship is there for the taking?!”

Honestly! To have real freedom to share our deepest and truest selves with each other, to completely treasure one another’s heart, life and entire ‘Me’ package, warts, blemishes, bad hair days and hormonal spikes and all! Well, we utterly heart it! It is the most scrumptious, good-golly-me fabulous sensation and continuous experience ever!




The warmth of being in our Love Relationship.

The challenges of being in our Love Relationship.

The adventure of being in our Love Relationship.

It is this very deep love and heart passion for our Love Relationship that began this Happily Unbalanced adventure.

There are so many elements to Love Relationships! From the relationship itself, to parenting, to  life, friends, family, to work, to business……my honest to goodness heart’s desire is that by sharing how Mr. HunBal and I experience and grow in our own Love Relationship, we’ll show you how amongst everything else, you CAN go deeper in your own Love Relationship.

I want to relieve you of that sensation of clutching at straws by showing you that a deep, connecting Scrumptiously Gorgeous Forever Love Relationship is no longer beyond the realms of possibility!


YAY right?!?!?! *grins*


As Life is meant for living, so your Love Relationship is meant for fullness, bursting with its own sense of Life…….and HAPPINESS!

And you know, I may not have all the answers, but I will sure as heckles leave you with thoughts that you can ponder and even use in your own world of Love!

I am so excited to be walking with you in the Happily Unbalanced way!

Much love,

Ju xx