Words Have Power

As women, it is our entitlement and right to verbally run our men into the ground……


I’d recently had a wee Facebook vent about how Social Media is NOT the place to air your irritations and grievances with one another. I now feel compelled to take it a bit further…..

Dearest Females, Girls, Ladies, Women, Wives, Girlfriends, Fiancées, Friends (with or without benefits)…..

Quit with the Man-Bashing


If you can’t say something nice…..

Don’t you remember this as a child? “Hey! If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!!” (back in the day, you may’ve also added, “Or I’ll wash your mouth out with soap!” True Story *blech*)

How would you feel if it was you?

Here’s the crazy part where us female sorts can get our knickers so far twisted up into our parts and pieces when we only THINK we know that something untoward has been alluded to ABOUT us, BY someone else TO someone else. But we can’t be entirely sure. However, we’re fairly certain…….! *insert  a lack of evidence, yet somehow justified indignation here* 

And yet! We ARE the person talking ABOUT another person TO yet another person…….and this……in girl world…..is “totes” OK…….


If you can’t say it to their face…..

This is something I earnestly and fully encourage in relationships – If you can’t say it to EACH OTHER, then ZIP IT!!

Honestly. I fear that as women we use our little gaggles to fuel and justify our irritations…..“Oh my goodness! He didn’t? He’s such a jerk! What a ba$ta#d! He doesn’t deserve you! Here, have another drink…..”

Oh my…….I can barely deal with this……


Because I listen to and hear so many women verbally run their men into the ground, publicly, sometimes EVEN IN FRONT OF HIM….and then wonder WHY their relationship isn’t in a good place…..?!


So, I shall leave you with a final thought……


Relationships AREN’T all roses, hearts, wine and chocolate. They ARE hard, frustrating and can be quite tricky when navigating conflict. But, the next time you have an irriation with your boy…..instead of b!tch!ng and complaining to all your well meaning and supportive girls, mix it up a little and actually share it…….with HIM! *horrified gasp*

I know. So backward. AND YET!!!! Oddly helpful when it comes to moving a good relationship into “OMG I LOVE US!!” realm….


True story.


Ju x