International Women's Day 2016

Today is International Women’s Day (you may have picked up on this) There are many, many extraordinary women doing amazing, inspiring, trail blazing things and I am crazy grateful for those that are sticking their necks out for both myself and my own “little women” in the making, to make the path easier, more fruitful and sparklier! Those women? They are some serious shizz!

But you know who else is also some serious shizz for me??

It’s taken becoming an adult and experiencing just a snippet of life, compared to the eons of life that these women have experienced, to realise how darn scrumptious and fabulous they truly are!

I am not proud of my tardiness on this fact.

Now, as I value my life, I didn’t dare post a photo of these three lovelies on any form of Social Media. You see, they certainly have their own opinions about all of this, some being truly valid to the point that I wouldn’t hesitate to stand with them on some points. However! On the whole, posting their scrumptious, cheek-pinch worthy faces in a public forum would see me hung, drawn and quartered. And I take this seriously for I do not doubt their skill set on this for one second.

Therefore, I am left to merely mention this trifecta of amazing, fabulousness that I am ridonculously privileged and blessed and lucky to have in my world…..and me, be a part of theirs.

You see, between these three women, they have accumulated over 250 years worth of life! They have dealt with being widowed, moving countries, having no electricity, raising many children, living through wars and yet, even in their eighties, one was backpacking…..because, that’s what you do when you’re in your eighties, one is travelling overseas (what would appear constantly – makes my social calendar reek of pathetic) and one is still making sure they are passing on their creative goodness to their GREAT-grandies, celebrating over 60 years of married life….all the while, dealing with that bitch who calls itself Cancer – which can go get f$#%ed!…..IMO.

These three women have impacted me in ways that no other ever could. Age has not been a barrier for any of them and when Life has put on its shitey pants, they have stepped up to the plate and yelled, “BATTER UP BABY!” These women are also impacting my own children – their GREAT-grandaughters and GREAT-GREAT nieces. Yes. TWO greats there!!

What’s interesting is that, these women wouldn’t think anything of it. They’re just ‘doing life’. “Well, you just got to get on with it, don’t you love?” Yes. That’s exactly what they’d say. But in their, ‘just getting on with it’, they are empowering ME. They are empowering MY girls because in ‘just getting on with it, they are LIVING. They are INSPIRING and TEACHING (even when they don’t think they are) and what I am so stupid amounts of grateful for is that, they love ME. They love MY girls. They love my Mr.

That makes me rich. Us rich. Rich beyond words.

So, on this day of Celebrating Women Worldwide, I celebrate these three women…..who’d make an AWESOME photo…..complete with sparkly blue wigs whilst holding gold bikini knickers with “ANDRE” ironed onto them (I may or may not have been the one to gift these knickers to said women)


……*sigh* Ahhh, if only…….*chortle*