Sparkle in the Mundane

Here’s some honesty for you…..something I wrote awhile back and yet still manages to rear it’s fantastical, annoying, bull nosed, spaced out, one-eyed head from time to time. And I’m not talking about my period………:

I have had one of the most UN-inspiring days ever. Like, Ev-errrrrrrr!!!! ….and this makes me mad. Like, pissed off mad. I’ve been shitey with the Mr, shitey with myself, irritated that there was absolutely NOTHING going on in the creative suite within my head and then, I REALLY wanted to colourise my language when I suggested to the minis that we popped out to do some grocery shopping……because perhaps some inspiration was hiding amongst the kestrels…….only to have a mini completely break down on me!!

I mean how is that fair? How is it fair that I really wanted to be the one to fall in a heap of snot and water! Where’s my chance for snot and water?!?

So I went and ironed.

For the record: I couldn’t have been any more un-inspired at this point. However, after a little while, things actually started to change (it could’ve had a lot to do with the empty ironing pile…?) Everyone appeared to recover and we DID buy fruit and veggies, and dance leotards and jazz shoes and…..socks. LOTS of socks.

Eventually home, unpacked, washing on and I deemed it entirely necessary and obligatory and non-negotiable to make a coffee and eat a chocolate biscuit and a protein ball (made with rice malt people, rice malt) and THEN!…………..Ok, so this time it could’ve been the smell of freshly ground coffee but baby, I am totally running with it because there it was……in my face…..


Yes, there are fireworks and sparkles and fluffy unicorns and fields of roses…..
Yes, there are piles of pookak, pools of tears and muddy waters you drag your arse through…..But!

What about all the in between times? The “boring”? The “mundane”? The “UN-inspired” times?

  • To experience “mundane” in a relationship, does this signal that it (the relationship) has met its end?
  • No fireworks for a while, does this mean that you are doomed?
  • Feeling un-inspired, are you even meant to be?

I am madly and deeply, with all my being and heart, in utter LOVE with my Mr. But!….

  • Do we always feel giggly and giddy? No.
  • Do we always feel in control and ordered? No.
  • Do we always feel sparkly and see fireworks whilst we sit upon our purple fluffy unicorns?? Well…….No! Absolutely not!

Love doesn’t JUST happen in the cloud nine, sparkly, fire-work realm. Love doesn’t JUST drive you through the muddy waters and piles of poo moments. Love IS also in the boring, the mundane, the un-inspired, the non-sparkly times. Love ISN’T all sunshine and lollipops and it’s also not all hard yakka and doom and gloom……Love IS……

  • … the newly washed socks.
  • … the cup of tea or coffee you make for each other.
  • … the dishes you wash and stack.
  • … that poo-nappy explosion you deal with together in the middle of the night.
  • … the scooching over because an offspring has had a bad dream and just needs some mummy and daddy reassurances.
  • … the brushing of your teeth as you muster the effort to open your eyes in the morning.
  • … the synchronised spitting of the toothpaste so as not to get smacked in the back of your head by a warm gush of saliva/toothpaste goop c/- your sweetheart.

Your Love for each other doesn’t stop. It’s every where. In every thing. So, the next time that you feel un-inspired, bored and feeling like it’s all mundane……remember that in the ins and outs of everyday Life, in ALL of it… get to do it with your buddy, with your friend, with your life-partner, with your lover! 

Stop waiting for that firework, that sparkly moment to think, “Ah. This is Love” No! Because you’re ALREADY IN IT! Like, RIGHT NOW! Don’t wait for the feeling,



Ju x