We've Got This Because Love

Oh gosh. I feel like I had to dust off 1000 cobwebs before I could see the letters on my laptop keys again! But you know what they say! “Get back on the bike!” “Dust yourself off! Pick yourself up!” “Move forth and conquer!”

Or something like that.

A new era has been ushered into the Hunbal abode. And with the new era has arrived a heck of a lot of busy and all because?? My feet got itchy. Not tinea itchy feet! More like the feeling of a caged animal wanting to bust the locks wide open and run into the open field squealing wildly.

That type of itchy.

I loved (love!) writing – for all the hair pulling, screwed up facial expressions of frustration it brings…..I really did….and still do….love writing!

But over time, seemingly without the consent of my consciousness, I began living in this odd zone called, “Inside My Head.” It appeared that I had been and was there quite a lot! And let me be the first to say that that can be quite the disturbing place at times. Also quite entertaining…..but this is somewhat dependant on the weather, food/coffee consumption and monthly cycles.

It was through my sudden conscious awareness of this internal living that I found myself feeling all flustered with the distinct sensation of this odd yearning for something different. ‘Only for a minute,’ I thought. But I had no idea what ‘different’ looked like. So I created it. I found a job. (the reaction to that in itself is its own blog post)

Anyways. Cue Mayhem.

Mayhem reigned! For, as my world flipped and went all nutty, so did the Mr’s. And the mini’s. Suddenly we were now juggling odd working hours, musical production schedules, school, dance, sickness, study……..*sheesh*

Have you ever made a decision only to find yourself thinking, “What the fudgeballs was I thinking?!?!?”

Yep. That was Us. In a rather large, odd shaped, spinning nutshell.

But you know what……for all the upheaval and change and juggling and having to make it work between us….for those tears that may’ve involuntarily leaked from my eyeballs and the stress pimples that have reared their disgusting heads (literally) right up front on my face for all the world to see and appreciate (!! *ugh*) …….there was (is) one thing that I am bloody darn and unashamedly grateful for:

Through it all and even now (because we’re still in the belly guts of this fabulous darling mayhem) we could, and still can, honestly, hand-on-our-hearts say,


“We’ve Got This. Because….LOVE.”



Ju x