Money LoveI am currently taking part in a 12 Day Writing Challenge over on Facebook. You can see more of my challenge responses on my Facebook page at So even though I’ve been answering some challenges over there, I felt that his particular challenge response needed an entire blog post all to its ownsome!

But, to be honest, I felt slightly awkward when I saw today’s challenge pop up:

Write a book review of a book you’ve recently read

……so awkward because 1) reading is something I really love to do but dropped the ball on, only recently deciding to reinstate some form of regular reading, therefore it really is still a work in progress meaning that my current book is in “still reading” status….. and 2) I wasn’t quite sure y’all were ready for another Fifty Shades insight *snort chortle wheeze*

Anyyyyywayyyyssssss……. *awkward foot shuffle with minor blushing*

It would seem that the Universe knew all of this and thus jostled some stars together for me as, in determining to return to a regular reading program, the book that I do currently have on my bedside table is the very book that just TODAY, my business mentor highly recommended to add to my reading list!

Now that’s a bit dandy!


Money: A Love Story, by Kate Northrup

Money is one of those things that can be a source of joy OR a source of pain in any Love Relationship. I’ve seen money create angst so many times which I believe is why my fascination at how to be the best handler of money has grown. By educating ourselves on money, money related conversations between the Mr and I tend to be less emotionally driven and more factual, logical and actually helpful in moving us forward.

There’s been a few books that I’ve grabbed over time on the money topic, but I find this particular book by Kate Northrup great because of it being so interactive. You can download worksheets that allow you to not just read the information but participate in it, going deeper into your own mind and heart at how you really feel about money.

Ok, so that may just sound a wee bit woo-woo and airy-fairy, even I was a bit skeptical because to me, money was paper and coins. Well guess what Sweet cheeks?! NOT anymore!

How I feel towards money really does determine how I treat money. How I let money make me feel dictates, to a certain degree, what my own attitude towards money is. This all rolls together to form my very own money/spending/saving habits.

Both confronting and freeing.

Kate has certainly experienced the pain of massive debt but through her book, you can learn the lessons she learnt and take the steps to gratitude and thankfulness and yes, practical steps as well!! (one can’t just wish money into the bank account……sorry *nuts*)

As I tend to read at night or in the car right before school pick up, I enjoy that Kate has a lovely, easy going writing style that lets me take it in. There’s less scrunching of the forehead as there are no upside down and back to front concepts to understand, which my brain is rather thankful for!

So if you’re ready (or looking for more resources) to move your own Money story into an abundant realm, I do recommend this book! And I honestly can’t encourage Love Relationships enough to determine to be on the same page when it comes to money! The pain that will go when you realise you are working Together in the financial sector of your Love Relationship realm will be utterly freeing, like a breath of fresh air. It may not solve your money challenges but the strength that comes through supporting each other is crazy fabulous!


Have you read this book? I’d love to know your thoughts on it! Or! Pop back if you do get your hands on it and share your money ah-hahs!

Have any other Money related book suggestions? Share away Sweet Cheeks! (Just no spammy-spam ok? You’re fabulous, thank you!)

Ju x