A New Normal

A few years ago, I had a surgery that caused me to be somewhat ginger in my movements and physically restricted. As the Mr and I are quite the affectionate type, always squeezing, smooching, snuggling etc…….me being ‘out of action’ for a few weeks actually threw us.

When I say, “Out of Action” …..yes, I do mean the whole sexy time wise, but even bigger than the actual act of sex was just the simple day to day shows of affection that we were so used to.

Like it or lump it, we did kind of settle into the inevitable way it had to be for those next few weeks. Life, kids, work, schedules, stuff……we got on with it.

It was only at the end of these few weeks, on our way to my final check up, we became so aware of how much little contact we had had and how we had actually gotten used to it. Clearly this was in the forefront of our minds as we started to stir at the fact that all this forced abstinence, on so many levels, was actually about to end.

Yes, even though forced by circumstances, we had slipped into a new kind of normal and as we walked towards the building for my final appointment, I remember the Mr taking my head and really squeezing it. I knew exactly what that squeeze was communicating. Our ‘new’ normal was on the verge of finally coming to an end, meaning we could return to who we really were, the truest form of ourselves again.

Needless to say, we were superbly keen as mustard to *ahem* get on with it…..again *wink*

Life can get busy. Circumstances can shift our focus. Kids, business, career, health, multiple schedules etc. There are so many things that can knock (gently or otherwise) our closest relationship, our Love Relationship. When you become aware of the ‘new’ normal, aware that there’s been a shift away from the best place for your relationship, it takes a deliberate effort, a conscious choice and a purposeful decision to shift back to that place of your deepest connection.

Can the discovery feel overwhelming? Sure, no matter how far down the track of this ‘new’ normal you were when you became aware of the shift.

Is it worth the re-shift and re-charge to re-connect?


……..and yes.

Relationships aren’t a create and forget entity that miraculously survives on its own, unattended and devoid of care and nurture. Neglect (accidental or otherwise) will, over time, create gaps, a void, a disconnect. However! On the flippety-flip side??

A relationship that is nurtured, cared for, attended to and gently snuggled with love will continue on its beautiful path of depth and growth.


Which version of a relationship would you rather have?


Either way, I think you know the steps to both outcomes……and now, my dear Sweet Cheeks, the choice is entirely up to you.


Much love,

Ju x


Do you feel like you’re lacking a certain level of connection with your partner? Do you want to know how, in just a few easy steps, you can begin to re-nurture a re-connection back into your relationship? Learn More here. Ju xx