Relationship ReCharge

Think You’re Too Busy To Get Connected?

For the next few minutes, think about your Love Relationship……..

  • When was the last time you shared a cuppa together?
  • When was the last time the two of you had a full and deep conversation?
  • When was the the last time you snuggled, uninterrupted and enjoyed sharing the same space?
  • When was the last time you really made love?

There are so many things constantly fighting for your attention and sometimes,

things get forgotten, overlooked, missed, accidentally neglected.

Does that sound like you?
  • Imagine if, amongst all the busy, you were able to stay emotionally, mentally and intimately connected with each other!
  • Imagine that, regardless of all that was going on, you knew you were both solid!
  • Imagine being able to share a cuppa together, just the two of you, uninterrupted!
  • Imagine being wrapped up in each other’s arms, sharing and drinking each other in!
  • Imagine that sweet love where you take the time to bask in each other’s presence and closeness!
  • Imagine if, amongst all the busy, connection was built!

Do you feel like there’s never enough Time to spend Time with each other?

In the busyness of life, work and children, do you feel like you have both lost touch?

Have you forgotten how to feel like the sexy-goddess that you really are?


If you found yourself nodding and/or murmuring “Yep!” under your breath as you sigh, or even yelling it in your mind as you metaphorically bang your head on the nearest wall……then…..


….My 4 Week Relationship ReCharge is for You ❤


Why this is going to help you:

In this 4 Week Relationship ReCharge, you will learn How To…..


  • Make even the smallest pockets of time count.
  • Go “Back to Basics” and re-introduce yourself to the fun of dating each other again.
  • Break taboos and put a cheeky sparkle in the midst that may just have you and your partner heading to the bedroom….. *wink*

It’s time to ReCharge Your Love Relationship!


What you will receive:

Each week I step you through your deliberate action steps with…..


  • An audio program
  • A printable transcript
  • An easy to implement downloadable ACTION guide

The outcome:

  1. A tangible plan that will support you in finding time consistently to spend with your partner.
  2. New skills that when repeated, will begin to re-nurture that connection in your relationship and rebuild your connection foundation.
  3. Quality Time with your Love.

….and Quality Time = Recharged and Reconnected!


It’s time to ReCharge Your Love Relationship!