That’s the Mr and I, back in the day, but already full swing into the “Story of Us”

TODAY, the Mr and I celebrate Seventeen years since we said “I do!” *happy dance!!* 

Although, that wasn’t really the start of “Us”. Seventeen years merely marks the (rather tame) party we hosted to mark that moment to say that we had completed our trek from friends, to girlfriend/boyfriend, to fiance/fiancee to Husband/Wife. We even had the rings to prove it.

But that wasn’t the start of “Us”.

This wasn’t the start of “Us” either….although it was early-ish on in our ‘togetherness’ side of things. Here we were boyfriend/girlfriend, on our first ‘official outing’ as a couple *snorting eyeroll* It was a great test though because I managed to have an entire cherry tomato squirt all down my pretty dress. The Mr was utterly brilliant and pretended like nothing had happened…..while I almost ran to the bathroom in complete panic!

So the story of “Us” actually began “BCT” …Before Cherry Tomatoes.

He was my friend’s brother. Then, we were friends. Then, he listened to my boy woes. Yeah, he did. He did say later that he thought I’d catch on eventually…. High five baby! *yay me!* *chortle*

We hung out, laughed, talked and then……..huh. “I think I like you beyond the ‘friend zone’” (yay, she caught up!) …and thus continued the adventure of “Us” until, high above the lights of Glenelg in a little light plane, in “the weather will just do to fly tonight” conditions (damn, was I going to die before I had even had sex?! – another story, another time *wink*) the Mr asked me to be his wife. Overcome with giggles, I momentarily forgot to say, “Yes” but I gathered myself and allowed my Mr to finally breathe out all the nervous tension he’d been holding. Good gracious I love that man!!!

So, even though today marks “Seventeen” based on a certificate labelled “Marriage”……it really is more like, “Happy 17th Wedding Anniversary and almost 19 of being together but also Happy More for the time that we knew each other before that too xx”

…….I can see why people celebrate wedding anniversaries – that title is just way too long to fit on a card.

This will always be my most favouritist photo! It was such a silly, fun moment and we haven’t stopped having them either. I’ve just moved onto a less papery diet.

Seventeen/Nineteen (and then some) years later and it feels as though we’re really getting into the meaty parts of life and stuff now!

I love us so much! I love that I get to do life with my bestie, with my biggest fan, with my lover and with the nuttiest nut in the tree! (next to me of course *wink*) Two batshit, crazy-arsed peas in a pod….hashtagtruestory

So, my sweet Mr, as I know that you’re going to read this…..because alongside my lover you are also my proof reader, because you’re totally hot like that! …..This is especially for you!

17 Years


Ju xx