Calm Like A Duck

……also known as being “Ducking Calm”.

This post was inspired by a Facebook writing challenge I was taking part in. The question was, “How do you keep calm amongst the chaos of everything, from business to life, family to friends, stuff to more stuff……?”

Here’s an honest thought, “Not very well.”

I’d describe this as, “A skill in the making” and with Christmas being literally hours away (27.5 hours to be exact according to the time I wrote this) there was a part of me that was grateful that the “silly season” part of the chaos was coming to an end. Not because I didn’t love Christmas! Good golly no! It was all the ‘stuff’ that went with it that always seems to leave me somewhat reeling. End of year wrap ups, end of school term bringing a new dimension to home life. I love my children to the moon and back, I utterly do! BUT! I am not a real life Playschool presenter parent! I don’t do toilet roll craft every hour on the hour. I also do not build houses from gingerbread and craft love heart sandwiches. I. Just. Can’t. Do. That. It. Hurts. My. Brain. So. Much! 

Then there’s all the catch ups, which I do love. Coffee. Talking. What’s not to love?!? However, when you look at your Google Calendar and it’s all pretty with multiple colours…….this is not a good thing people!!! LOTS of COLOURS?? Means a BIG TO DO LIST!!! So, here’s the thing……:

I do not believe in balance.

The idea of balancing family (and each individual schedule), business, friends and all that miscellaneous ‘stuff’……if I ‘balanced’ them all and gave them all equal parts of my time, I’d go insane. It’s not possible. Well, not possible with everyone’s sanity left in tact by the end *wink*  Whilst I don’t ‘balance’ everyone and everything, I do think that there’s room for different portions and levels of attention to be given to each segment. As though life is like a Pie Chart. Just not every portion is of equal sizing.

As I said, this is all still a skill that’s being practised and tweaked and adjusted and I have had comments in the past that I appear to, “have it all sorted”….to which I say,


Sorry! *snort chortle wheeze* (hashtagsorrynotsorry)

I liken this perception to a Duck:

……on the outside, people see unruffled gliding, but beneath the water’s surface? The feet paddling like nobody’s business!

Balance is a myth, but calm amongst the chaos isn’t. 

I have two things that help (are helping) me through the chaos of everyone and everything demanding time and attention. By PRIORITISING the different areas of my life, from self-care (yeah, getting this one drummed into me!!), to my Love Relationship, to my own HunBal tribe, to business and then to other family and friends…I can start to see the wood from the trees. Remembering then that it’s not about creating equal portions or levels of time/attention for each person and area of my life, the chaos that generally resides in my brain, starts to clear.

My second ‘help’ is then to take ACTION. Sometimes (as just happened this morning!) I can sit in a pool of overwhelm with all the ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ and ‘other’ I need to do. But. Thinking never got anything done! True Story. Action helps to calm the storm of chaos.

Prioritise and Take Action

……when you make movement in the direction of the things that need to be done, THEN, you’re not only going to glide like a Duck, your paddling will relax a little bit too xx

Ju x