Don't Wait For TomorrowIt’s hard. It’s hard juggling the work and the house stuff and the children and each other’s schedule and the kids’ schedule. It’s hard. It’s time consuming. It’s exhausting.

And yet I ask you to pay attention to your relationship with each other, but it’s not that you don’t want to, you absolutely do! But when do either of you have the time?

It’s just so hard.

So you carry on, being that busy couple that you are.

You achieve greatness at work. You achieve greatness within your home. You achieve greatness with your precious little mini versions of yourselves. But it’s exhausting and yet…….I ask you to pay attention to your relationship with each other? When is that going to happen?

Oh, but you’ll get to that. Eventually. You just have to make sure that the bills are paid, that the family is fed, that the children are educated and cultured and that your friends know that you love them and that your parents feel special, and your children get to build a relationship with their cousins……but you’ll get to each other. Eventually.

But you did schedule that thing remember?? Oh wait, no, that didn’t work because someone else needed you. Because a child was sick. Because there were no babysitters available to you. So you didn’t go out. Instead you did that other stuff, for other people, remember?

But that’s ok right, because you’ll get back to your relationship. Eventually. There’ll be time. Some day. Right?

Huh. This is all a bit dramatic isn’t it? Sorry.

But……remember that couple…….you thought that they were ‘forever’. But that’s ok, because that will never happen to you. Once the busy is over, you’ll be right back on track with your relationship and everything will be fine. You have your health. You have your family. You have a stable income, a nice house, the cars go well. You have time…

….but that’s the funny thing about time. Time has no respect for pause buttons.

But you’re going to make it big remember? Because if you work hard now, you can play later. That’s how it goes right? Sacrifice now for the gains later. Because you’ll both be there on the other side of each other’s success. Everyone will be there, cheering, celebrating your success. Whatever it takes, you agreed.

That’s the funny thing about Life. It sometimes thinks for itself. It forgets to signal the curve ball that’s about to leave its glove. We’re left unprepared. Spinning. Confused. Because, that’s not what your plans were! That wasn’t how you decided Life was going to go. This wasn’t in your plans!

You. Had. Time.

That’s the trouble. We all think we have Time.

I don’t know what you think of all of this but I know what I think.

Imagine if you didn’t let the urgency of everyone else’s demands master YOUR life.

Imagine not letting the strive for success push those of most importance to you, off to the side. Shelved for your ‘laters’.

Imagine if you no longer disrespected the hands on the clock as they tick continuously around in circles.

Imagine if you were able to grasp the idea that each second, each minute is precious. Not to be wasted.

Imagine if you decided, “NOW.”

That NOW is the time to squeeze your love. That NOW is the time to tell them, “I love you.” Again. And again. And again. And…….That NOW is the time for sweet love making, not a rushed act of sex to fulfil one of the checkboxes of having a Love Relationship. That NOW is the time to sip a wine together, to share a coffee or tea, to wrap your legs around each other, to lean on, to hug, to embrace, to kiss…..That NOW.

Imagine. Just imagine. What would THAT be like?