What is your Relationship LegacyWhen my time is up, I don’t want to be wrestling with regrets. I want to know that I lived the most fullest, most honest and free life I could have possibly lived. I want to be totally and utterly at peace with what I leave behind and that (part of) that will be a legacy of love, depth, acceptance and intimacy.

This morning I sat and nattered many words with my aunty. She’s pretty cool. It’s been quite a long time since I sat with her and just….well, talked. My aunty is a lover of family history so to hear stories and see connections and be curious about what really did go on way back when…..*wink* It’s superbly fascinating!

An interesting thing came out of this morning’s catch up for me: the wish that our ancestors had been more forthcoming and honest with their lives! Easier said than done, I get that but really!…..did they not think that down the track, a couple of hundred years later, a dedicated lady would be pouring over information to piece hers (and her nieces, hehe) history together?! Honestly! Where was their consideration?! *chortle*

All of this historical talk and joining of the dots of who married who and who had what children and with whom did they have them, etc etc etc…..it really made me think…

What do I want my RELATIONSHIP LEGACY to be?

When I forward date my years, I see children with partners, standing with their children. I see these children as adults standing with their partners and their children…..and so on and so on.

Yes. I plan to live a very long time *grin*

But we all want that don’t we? We all want to live a long and fun and full and fabulous life! We want people to mourn us when we go, but celebrate us because of who we were and the life we led. We want people to miss us, to remember us, but to smile because of how we made them feel. We want people to have learned from us….good or bad…..but mostly good, right? *wink* Which made me wonder….,


No matter how we want to see our lives when we reach the station at the end of the track, TODAY matters. TODAY is what pivots us either towards or away from that life that we want to be proud of and happy with when it ends. TODAY’s actions determine tomorrow’s, next week’s/month’s/year’s outcomes. TODAY. TODAY. TODAY.

  1. How does your Love Relationship affect your children now, TODAY?
  2. What is your behaviour communicating to your partner, TODAY?
  3. Where are your actions from TODAY, steering your Love Relationship to? 

….and, are you OK with your answers to these questions?


What will YOUR Love Relationship Legacy be?


Ju x